Carpathite is a fluorescent mineral first found in Transcarpatian oblast (Ukraine).

It is a rare hydrocarbon mineral, also found in Presov Region of the Slovak Republic, Kamchatka Oblast in Russia and San Benito County, California.

Its formula is C24H12

It occurs at the contact zone of a diorite intrusive into argillite within cavities in the Ukraine. In the California occurrence it appears as a low temperature hydrothermal phase. It is associated with idrialite, amorphous organic material, calcite, barite, quartz, cinnabar and metacinnabar.

Carpathite occurs in groups of acicular crystals or in the form of acicular crystals or prismatic.

The origin of this mineral is related to the catalysis of minerals of mercury. Other well crystallized minerals are found in some lignite mines, in these mines it comes to types of compounds such as terpenic derivative of mineral substances of wood. It is yellow, yellowish brown on exposure and electric blue or blue-green when fluorescent.

Its streak is yellow white and its luster is vitreous—adamantine.


Fluorescent Carpathite

Characteristics:Fluorescent with color blue-green or electric blue

Color:Yellow and yellowish-brown
Category: Organic Mineral
First time found in: Transcarpatian Oblast (Ukraine) in 1955 years
also found in: Russia, Slovak Republic,California
Streak:Yellow white
Radioactivity:0 (not radioactive)